Jordan wants Peter Andre back

Katie Price wants to patch up her relationship with Peter Andre according to the truth spewers at The People. Former glamour model Jordan is reported to have sent her estranged husband the message : "Thanks, can we talk? Xxx" in reply to a birthday text from the musical genius behind such hits as Mysterious Girl and Mysterious Girl 2004.

The news of a possible rapprochement between the celebrity couple comes after it was revealed that Price is set to appear this Friday on the Jonathon Ross show where she is expected to speak publicly for the first time about the split.

The News of the World reports that Jordan believes that the break up with Andre was "the biggest mistake" of her life and that she would "take Pete back tomorrow."

But the fact merchants at the Sunday paper, quoting 'an unnamed friend' of the singer, claim that Andre is not interested in any reconciliation: "Pete will always love Kate but he didn't walk away on a whim. This wasn't about just one drunken night. He's left because of years of frustration. It's very sweet that Kate is now realising just how much she screwed things up, but it's not going to make any difference at this stage."

Could the split just be a publicity stunt as suggested in a number of quarters? Only time and thousands of words in the tabloids will tell.

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