Jordan tussles with cage fighter

It was never going to be long before Jordan shacked up with another thoroughly unsuitable man, and this time she's outdone herself: the glamour model has bagged herself a cage fighter. Alex Reid, who used to star in Hollyoaks, added some spice to his cv by packing it all in to concentrate on cage fighting. The pair have reportedly been dating for 2 weeks during which time they had a noisy bed banging session in a hotel which, quite frankly, ruined other guest's sleep.

Check out pics of Jordan promoting her new book 'Sapphire' at Selfridges.

A source told the News of The World: "They were sat with friends but Jordan couldn't keep her hands off Reid. She was rubbing his leg up and down suggestively and kept whispering in his ear. She was literally draped over him. It was very dark in the bar so they probably thought nobody would notice but Jordan's teeth were gleaming and you could spot them a mile off. It was clear they needed to get a room. And when they got inside there was a lot of noise, a constant banging."

Peter Andre, who's looking after the couple's three children while Price completes the promotional tour for her latest book 'Sapphire', has hit back at news of his ex wife's rampant sex life by claiming he wants 'nothing more to do with her' apart from when it involves the kids. So that's a no to the reality reconciliation show then.

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