Jordan to split with Reid?

Katie Price's relationship with cage fighter Alex Reid is reportedly already on the rocks. Reid is said to be annoyed that Jordan spends so much time talking about her estranged husband Peter Andre.

'Alex said “He's the father of your children – and nothing else”,' according to a source. And Price has also reportedly been critical of her new man. 'I'm sick of him acting like a lap dog,' an unnamed source told The Metro.

Meanwhile Price is reported to already be 'tired' of her new squeeze and convinced that he is only with her to boost his fame. The News of the World claims that the glamour model doesn't want to go to the next level with Reid and is said to have told friends: 'He's been getting on my t**s.

'I'm sick of him acting like a lap dog. He's been a distraction and he was fun while he lasted but he's not good for me and now I feel ready to move on.'

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