Jordan to make the nation's ears bleed

If you've ever watched the hilarious clip of Jordan and Peter Andre singing 'Whole New World' on Children In Need in 2005 (see below) then you'll be jumping with joy at the news that the glamour model is planning a pop comeback. Price has reportedly signed up with an agency which specilise in guiding the careers of music artists, including Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and erm, P Diddy.

In a statement (which the tone deaf ex Mrs Andre most definitely penned herself) she said: "I want to do more music projects, that's why I've chosen to work with Outside. In the past my management have been very UK-focused and Outside have a world vision."

And with that world vision, Jordan is intent on bringing her own special brand of music to the people. Now we can just imagine what type of marketing ploys will accompany Jordan's musical lift off: an album release to cooincide with Peter Andre's; duel appearances on TOTP; an Ibiza dance remix over a video of her wild week on the island; the kids breakdancing in the official music video; and backing singers stolen from Pete's inner circle.

They'll also need to banish the following clip from the realms of cyber space. Jordan fans claim it has been doctored to give Katie a terrible voice, but it sounds all too realistic if you ask us. A taste of things to come?

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