Jordan steps up bid to win Pete back

The Sun are reporting that Katie Price is going to desperate measures to win back her Pete; she has promised him sex. Flying in the face of her raunchy public image, Price had previously imposed a strict 4 month sex ban on Pete, using the exhaustion suffered from her London Marathon training as an excuse.

A Sun source revealed: "She realises her refusal to sleep with Pete was a terrible miscalculation and has told him she will change, in order to win him back."

However it looks like Jordan will have her work cut out. Pete is apparently lying low in his Cyprus mansion, ignoring her barrage of texts and telling friends - who in turn tell the tabloids - that apart from missing the kids, he's best off out of it.

Proving that it's not over till the glamour model's boobs burst, bookies are offering 20-1 odds on a Peter and Jordan reunion plus magazine bidding war. Will you be putting any money on?

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