Jordan rants and raves

For some reason people love reading about Peter Andre and Jordan (or Katie Price, or whatever she calls herself). There’s literally nothing about their former life together and current life apart that doesn’t make it into the papers - even the most routine of events like the ex-wife camping outside her former love’s house and screaming. Just to clarify what apparently happened, a source (member of Andre’s staff, probably) told 3am the following side of the non-story:

‘Katie just showed up unannounced. She was mad and manic, and kept screaming: ‘Where’s Pete?’ I don’t know what it was about – just that it wasn’t about their children, who were with Pete by prior agreement. But she should not have turned up like that without an appointment. And when they told her he wasn’t there, she demanded they let her in to check.

‘Someone got Pete on the phone to tell him what was going on, and he ordered the staff to get rid of her. She has become the ex from hell.’

Who could have predicted that?

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