Jordan pining for Pete

Cynical tugging on the public’s heart strings is something any celebrity who doesn’t have an actual career beyond having every single facet of their private lives appear in the tabloids does. For one, if your partner starts to get the upper hand in the public’s affections, you need to take evasive action, preferably by talking cod-philosophically about the pain you feel with other celebrities sympathetic to your plight.

No-one does this better than Jordan. Whether it’s hawking around yet another tin-pot memoir, or making sad faces while stuffing her wallet off the back of her ups and downs, nothing is too close to home that can’t be made into sensational headlines in the Super Soaraway Current Bun. This time she’s telling anyone who’ll listen (which includes a few non-entities and never-weres and a couple of million viewers) on I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here that she’s pining for ex-husband Peter Andre, who she met on the same show six years ago. Which must be nice for her current boyfriend Alex Reid.

‘I was having a shower and I'm sitting on a rock thinking, I expect Pete to walk past,’ she said. ‘It is so surreal. I've been married, had kids, and been divorced. It's all over. The whole circle and I'm back here. So weird.’

Why voluntarily choose to go back there, exactly?

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