Jordan & Peter limber up for ratings war

When Peter Andre said he was disgusted with Katie Price for talking to the press about their divorce he seemed, for a second or two to hold the moral highground. Well this next chunk of news will see him diving off his cornerstone of moral decency into a big pile of hypocrisy: he's signed up for a reality show to follow the divorce proceedings.

It gets better: he's very possibly going head to head with Katie Price in a rival 'reality divorce' show about life after the split after ITV signed her up too. Doh.

Early indications however show that support might just be in Pete's camp. His single 'Call The Doctor' (based upon the trials and tribulations of living with Jordan) has rocketed straight to the top of the iTunes download chart, and he's also bagged himself a £1.1m dollar role in a Bollywood film...which means lots of hanging out with Bollywood lovlies, and not with Dane Bowers.

Who would get your vote if it came to a rating's stand off? (If noone wasn't an option of course.)

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