Jordan jets in for This Morning interview

If you thought that Peter Andre's chat with Phil and Fern yesterday was the definitive word on the Jordan-Peter split, then you'd be wrong, very wrong: Jordan has jetted back from LA especially for a rival interview on This Morning today. Now that's fighting talk.

For those of you who have those annoying things called jobs, which let's face it it, gets right in the way of a meaty morning TV schedule, Peter appeared on the programme yesterday and used his time on the couch (quite wisely) to plug his new music and paint himself as a man with a moral conscience.

Something tells us Jordan won't be able to quite be able to do the same. The glamour model has already told Piers Morgan waaay to much about her and Peter's private life, even spilling the beans on the loss of a baby, which Pete had hoped to keep private.

Everyone knows that a tabloid divorce is just about as messy a bloodbath as they come, but really Jordan, sometimes silence is the most effective weapon - especially in the light of Peter's dignified semi-silence on chat shows. Time to call time, both of you......

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