Jordan: I want Julia Roberts to play me in biopic

Katie Price has revealed that she would like Julia Roberts to play her in a film about her life. However, Jordan's choice of Roberts is not down to the Pretty Woman star's acting ability, rather she was singled out because the two have similar hairstyles.

The former glamour model is set to release her fourth autobiography next week (her ghost writer must be the hardest working author in show business) and has spoken to More! Magazine about the possibility of a biopic.

"I mentioned that to my management," Price said. "I've got another autobiography coming out in October, so I suppose it will be after that." When quizzed about who would play her on the big screen Jordan replied: "I'd probably say Julia Roberts - and the reason is, before my career and everything, my hair was really curly."

"And I saw Erin Brockovich, and thought she'd be good at playing me. And then Pretty Woman..." Can't wait for the autobiography.

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