Jordan gets chest pups reduced - again

It must be a nightmare being a glamour model. Pumping them up. Pumping them up some more. Pumping them up till they're so heavy it feels like you're hulking a couple of bags of coal down there. Then getting married and realising your hubby doesn't actually know what to do with a set that big anyway - so having to go back under the knife to get them reduced.

Well that's what Jordan's up to at the moment. She's just arrived in LA for another breast reduction which will take her chest pups down from the size of two hot air balloons shoved up her jumper to a more manageable couple of inflatable doughnuts (not the ones you eat).

The last time Katie Price, Jordan, whatever you want to call her had her chicken fillets fiddled with Petre Andre still couldn't get a handle on them...so doctors are expected to drain a good bathtub full of silicone out this time to make sure the job's done. Yummy.

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