Jordan denies rumours of engagement to Alex Reid

Glamour model, author and reality TV 'star' Katie Price has denied rumours that she is set to get engaged to her new squeeze Alex Reid. A number of media outlets reported that Price, aka Jordan, was about to publicly announce plans to get hitched just months after her split from Peter Andre.

The big chested media star yesterday confirmed that she was seeing the mixed martial arts instructor but has rubbished reports that they are about to give the gossip rags a day out. "I'm not getting engaged, nothing of the sort. Just seeing someone I like spending time with," Price wrote on her Twitter page.

"I'm away with my friends relaxing while Pete was due to have children this week... it seems whatever I do is wrong," Jordan continued. "Whilst Pete has children I don't always want to be sat at home on my own. I'm only human!"

Photos of Price and Reid cavorting in public on holiday in Spain were splashed all over the tabloids yesterday morning.

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