Jordan cooks up a storm

Without Jordan, most tabloid editors in the land would go hungry; it's apt then that the glamour model has caused a stir with her appearance on a cookery show. Jordan turned the talk to sex while whipping up a chicken kiev on Gordon Ramsay's The F-Word. "People say that if I'm sober, I'm better, well-performed in bed. More filth should I say!" So far so shocking. However other details of the show caused more than an eyebrow raise, most notably that she added sugar to her mash. Ugggh.

Jordan claimed on the show, that she's careful to have her children eating fresh food every day - but fresh food flavoured with inappropriate things like sugar? Yes in a curry Jordan, no in mash. Barf.

As usual Gordon nit picked about Jordan's dish, calling her kievs 'overstuffed' However, the results of the F-Word cook off aren't yet known. Wouldn't it be great if Jordan's sugary mash and massive kievs won? In your face Gord!

Catch the show on Tuesday, Channel 4, 9pm.

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