Jordan and Peter: the fairytale is over

It's officially over folks. Not the recession. Not the MP expenses scandal; our favourite celebrity marriage. Peter and Jordan's four year marriage came to a low key end yesterday after the pair each filed for divorce against each other. The judge granted a quickie divorce (quite literally, it took 42 seconds - is that a record?) citing 'irretrievable differences.'

Fittingly for the reality stars, Peter was on the This Morning couch with Eamonn Holmes when the divorce came through, while Jordan - who was at home, allegedly cracked open the champagne and got on with organising a 'divorce party'. A Mirror source said: “She’s been busy deciding on the guest list and really wants it to be a night to remember. It’s fair to say she’s delighted and she’s let her feelings be known. She’s thinking about having the party at her Surrey home as it’s easier for the camera crew for her ITV show to film her." The ever pragmatic Jordan added; “I just want to move on with my life and think about the future – one without Pete. It’s sad but I have to face facts. Thank God it’s over.”

Sniff sniff. We actually liked Peter and Jordan together. There was nothing better on a hangover than their endless reality shows showing them bickering and joking like any normal couple (well kind of normal.) If tabloid gossip is true and Jordan and Alex Reid are to tie the knot at Christmas, we don't think a marriage and mayhem style show with him will be half as much fun as it was with Pete. Still, according to the courts, Katie and Peter have a whole six weeks to reconsider before their marriage is formally dissolved, so never say never. For the sake of our reality TV viewing pleasure, pleeease get back together Peter and Jordan. Pretty please.

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