Jonathon Ross says Dark Knight was 'boring'

So it did exactly what it said on the tin. Batman The Dark Knight has smashed all previous box office records and taken $155.3 million dollars in a single weekend in the US. The takings poo all over the previous 151.1 million record set by Spiderman last year.

That may well be, but at least one person out there wants his money back. Jonathon Ross has gone on record to say that the film was 'boring, gloomy' and 'self serious' : in a nutshell, hopelessly overrated.

Wossy also suggests Heath Ledger's much hyped performance is good but nothing special. "It's nothing compared to his performance in Brokeback Mountain... I'm sure, sadly, if the guy hadn't died tragically young, they wouldn't be making all this fuss over it" he says.

In panning not only the most awaited film of the year, but also Heath Ledger's last ever performance (the intensity of which, some fans say may have contributed to his death) Ross is treading a daring tightrope. Hollywood will be up in arms. We say good on him for not pandering to pressure and opening the discourse for fair judgement. That is afterall what decent film criticism is all about. Thoughts?

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, check out The Dark Knight trailer.

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