Jonathan Ross signs for ITV?

Adrian Chiles has done it, Christine Bleakley has done it and, according to reports, it looks like Jonathan Ross is just about to do it – jump the good Beeb ship for the sinking one...ITV.

While there are a few people who unfairly take a pop at the BBC because we have to pay a license fee, if the population was asked who they prefer between the TV giants we imagine the Beeb would come out on top. But with recent signings and the success of Simon Cowell’s tired shows, has ITV finally turned the corner?

Jonathan Ross’ long running Beeb contract finishes in July and The Guardian are reporting that the king of chat is about to sign a deal to host his chatshow on ITV1. It’s expected to be a non-exclusive deal which will bring a slightly revamped version of his BBC1 Friday Night With...show to the network, with it being shown either on Fridays or after The X-Factor on Saturday evenings.

ITV are yet to comment and Wossy is yet to confirm anything on Twitter, but when we hear something we shall let you know.

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