Jonathan Ross Quits BBC

The world of UK broadcasting is in shock today (7 Jan) at the news that Jonathan Ross will not be renewing his BBC contract when it expires in July.

Shock actually isn’t the word to use, after the infamous Sachsgate incident little over 12 months ago and the campaign of hate from the likes of The Daily Mail over Wossy’s alleged £6 million annual pay packet; the news is certainly more inevitable than not.

Jonathan Ross who has be an employee with the BBC for the last 13 years will be giving up two of the broadcasters biggest shows; his BBC1 chat show ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’ and his much loved Saturday morning Radio 2 show as well as BBC1 movie review show ‘Film 2010’.

In a statement released to the Press Association JR said;

‘I signed my current contract with the BBC having turned down more lucrative offers from other channels because it was where I wanted to be and – as I have said before – would happily have stayed there for any fee they cared to offer, but there were other considerations. I love making my Friday night talkshow, my Saturday morning radio show and the Film Programme, and will miss them all. I look forward to continuing work on these shows until the summer, and I will continue hosting the Bafta Film Awards, Comic Relief and other BBC specials.’

The BBC’s latest squeeze Graham Norton is tipped to move his chat show into the slot left by Ross, BBC 5Live film reviewer Mark Kermode is favourite to take over ‘Film 2010’ and Paul O'Grady on Radio 2.

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