Jonathan Dimbleby admits drugs use

There's lots said in the press about the war on drugs on Britain's streets but it's a rare celebrity that will stick their neck out and admit to trying illegal substances. Bill Clinton admitted to a puff of cannabis, but famously denied inhaling (er, right) and now Jonathon Dimbleby has become an unlikely spokesperson for the decriminalisation of drugs, admitting to trying both cannibas and cocaine and calling for an intelligent debate on the legalisation of certain banned substances.

The Radio 4 'Any Questions' host has relived his wilder days in an interview with The Mirror. As it turns out, they weren't really that wild at all.

'I had cannabis twice in my early twenties. And once, in America (at around the same age), I did a line of cocaine. 'I sneezed it all over the place much to the dismay of the people around who saw it as this precious substance. It tickled my nose, and then it blocked my nose. And I had no experience from it at all.'

While he was at it, Dimbleby also attacked middle class recreational drug users, saying he believes they don't understand the consequences of their actions. He has, 'a sort of contempt for cocaine sniffers in this country who are intelligent middle-class people, but do not realise that they are fuelling a drugs war that is leading to misery for millions.' He has a point.

As for politicians who did drugs many millions of moons ago when they were back in college, Dimbers thinks it's 'ridiculous' that they are attacked for adolescent highjinks. It is a bit.

Bill, did you really not inhale?

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