Johnny Depp: 'I'm a recluse'

Actor Johnny Depp has revealed that he is something of a recluse. Speaking to a German television station the 46-year-old said that he hides himself away from the 'insanity' of modern life and hates unnecessary attention.

'I don't leave the house anymore. If it isn't necessary I don't go anywhere. I stay at home. I'm adamant when it comes to that. I will never get used to it. If you do, you must be insane,' Depp said.

'I'm thankful for everything, but there's a limit to what a person can endure. I don't know how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can bear that kind of life, because personally it's an issue for me.'

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' instead learns about the world outside through his children: 'Because I never leave the house I live outside society. But I'm a witness of my children's lives. I see how they're doing at school and how they treat their friends.'

'My kids are a lot smarter than me. When I watch them I learn a lot. I don't think there's anything they could learn from me.'

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