Johnny Ball booed off stage

In a country with a democracy, which the UK is, people have the right to freedom of speech. But when it comes to Climate Change and claims that it either doesn’t exist, it's been made up to tax our green conscience, or has been exaggerated for others' gain, suddenly our human right to expression is cut short.

Legendary kids telly presenter Johnny Ball for example, gave a speech in London on Tuesday, where he denied climate change is man-made. This was much to the annoyance of the green believers who booed and jeered him off the stage.

The atmosphere turned sour when the 71 year old wheeled out a ukulele and sang a George Formby-inspired song disputing the claim that burning fossil fuels caused a dangerous level of CO2, and instead named spiders and insects as the cause for Global Warming.

Regretting his performance afterwards, Johnny B said: 'having thought about it, it was a mistake. But we are depressing children by saying the world is coming to an end through climate change. This is simply wrong... I probably laboured the point a bit too much but the reaction of the audience did depress me.’

Not as depressing as the prospect of the world ending soon and knowing we could have done something about it - or not, as the case may be.

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