Johnny and Denise reunion

If you haven’t found anything to help get you up in morning since Denise van Outen and Johnny Vaughn left our screens ten years ago, then you’re going to be a very happy bunny! Yup, the days of knocking back endless coffees in a bid to wake yourself up in the morning are over – the Big Breakfast’s golden couple are back. But don’t expect them on your screens – instead they’re coming to a radio near you.

Johnny and Denise are teaming up to host Capital Radio’s breakfast show, so stream the dulcet tones of their voices every morning into your home for great music and chat.

The pair last presented the Big Breakfast in 2001 where they had great success, but their later 2004 show Passport to Paradise was dropped when ratings fell. Back in their breakfast spot, and with great chemistry, we think this one will be a winner. We’ll certainly be tuning in!

(Image: from YouTube)

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