John Sergeant defies the odds on Strictly

John Sergeant has continued to defy the odds on Strictly Come Dancing picking up the support of the viewers despite heavy criticism from the show's judges. The veteran journalist has been branded as one of the worst ever competitors in Strictly's history, but his lumbering moves seem to have struck a chord with bad dancers across the nation.

Despite scoring just 12 out of 40 with the judges, Sergeant avoided the dance-off on Sunday thanks to the public vote. Heather Small and Rachel Stevens battled it out to stay in the competition with the former M People singer being eliminated by the judging panel.

Strictly judge Len Goodman has said that Sergeant's progress has "made a nonsense of the show", with his colleague Arlene Phillips commenting: "It's very well that people fall in love with a man, but what his feet are doing isn't a foxtrot." While Sergeant may be profiting at the expense of more talented dancers, that's what happens when you open up a competition to the public vote.

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