John Prescott and Cherie Blair : most likely to get ditched the morning after

So. You've checked into a Travelodge, slipped into something a little more comfortable, snuggled deep into the duvet and surrendered yourself to the dizzying charms of John Prescott, or say Cherie Blair. Then you wake up in the morning, realise it was all a vile mistake and do a runner. According to Travelodge that is.

The hotel chain have undertaken a study into books most commonly dumped the morning after in their hotels. New Labour bruiser John Prescott's book 'Prezzer ; Pulling No Punches clinched top spot, Russell Brand's 'My Booky Wook' came second and Cherie Blair's 'Speaking for Myself', third.

According to Travelodge over 7000 books are ditched in their hotels a year, and an analysis of what gets dumped most often could be indicative of some interesting sociological trends. Namely that, bar Russell Brand's My Booky Wook, most people who sleep in Travelodges have hideous taste in books. Oh, and they might be worried about the credit crunch. Check out the top ten list of Travelodge's least wanted reads. Or most wanted reads depending on how you interpet it.

1. Prezza – Pulling no punches John Prescott

2. My Booky Wook Russell Brand

3. Speaking for myself Cherie Blair

4. Don’t you know who I am Piers Morgan

5. Angel Uncovered & Crystal Katie Price

6. You & Your Money Alvin Hall

7. Lessons in Heartbreak Cathy Kelly

8. Blind Faith Ben Elton

9. On Chesil Beach Ian McEwan

10. The Secret Rhonda Bryn

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