John Lydon becomes the face of Country Life butter

Did anyone see this coming? Anyone? We’ve not seen a more unlikely butter based pairing since Marlon Brando’s fingers and Maria Schneider’s back chimney in Last Tango In Paris.

Country Life, the butter firm, that sells butter, butter that you put on your toast, have enlisted a brand new spokesman to front up their new campaign. Yep, the butter firm that sells butter, have got John Lydon to laud how good their products are. Yes John Lydon. As in John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten. Johnny Rotten the infamous lead singer of the Sex Pistols and generally quite a sneering anti-society type of character.

Lydon was chosen by the brand because he is a "British icon" says Mad.co.uk. In a statement, Country Life said: "We don't think enough people know Country Life is the only major British butter brand and John gets the message through loud and clear.” They’re right, we never knew that. But then again we never actually bothered thinking about it. They continued, "He is seen as a great British icon. His independent views are part of his consumer appeal and his tongue-in-cheek sense of humour shines through in our TV advertising."

Independent maybe... Tongue-in-cheek? Not really. Wonder if the Queen will never mind the butter with her breakfast eh?

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