Joe moves back in with mum

Last week we brought you the news that X Factor winner Joe McElderry was humiliatingly forced to support Jedward at a recent gig. Unfortunately, the news gets worse for Joe, the Geordie with a beautiful voice, but possibly lacking the charisma to become a full-blown star. Joe has been dropped by Simon's record company, after two years of half-hearted attempts to secure fame.

A friend told The Daily Mail, 'Joe is devastated. His mum has been comforting him. He believed he could have a great music career. Although he is still on Syco's books, his deal runs out in about a month and it won't be renewed.'

A source from Simon's record company, Syco, told the paper, 'Simon gave Joe the best chance possible of success by making sure he worked with some of the world's top producers. Joe's a lovely boy and it is a pity it did not work out, but no one can say Simon and his staff did not try to make it work.'

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