Joe Jackson as judge and jury for Micheal

Michael Jackson's dad is at it again. Not content with prolonging and exploiting national mourning for Michael's passing, MJ's former manager and father of the Jackson Five, is now taking on the role of laying the best blame possible for his son's death and hoping to make a mint out of it, Perez Hilton reveals.

Although the last we in the UK heard was that the authorities were checking out the story of Michael's doctor, one Dr. Conrad Murray, it now turns out that ol' Joe J is now blaming AEG, the organisation managing his son's last run of concerts, claiming that the 'promoters knew MJ had a drug problem but ignored it and kept him on a 'gruelling and dangerous work schedule to prepare for the London concerts.'

Two complaints by Joe are being put forward - one will go straight to the Attorney General, claiming AEG violated the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' and the second to the California Medical Board suggesting that AEG approved 'unauthorised medication'. If the smell of cold cash hangs heavy in the air, we wonder who else could be to blame - maybe Elizabeth Taylor?

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