Joaquin Phoenix brawls live on stage

Joaquin Phoenix has hit You Tube for all the wrong reasons again, this time for right hooking a heckler at his own concert. The rough and tumble took place at the LIV night club in Miami last night where the one time actor turned hip hop grandaddy was booked for a show.

Phoenix turned up 4 hours late looking typically worse for wear and sporting a garden hedge of a beard. He bellyflopped into the crowd for some rough and tumble after an audience member got mouthy, and could be heard screaming: I've got $1million in the bank. What have you got b****?" (Aside from sanity?)

The footage is typically wobbly and not exactly damning (the crowd covers most of the action) but Joaquin does a pretty convincing portrayal of someone who's looped the loop.

Critics have pointed out that Casey Affleck ( Phoenix's brother in law) can usually be seen in the audience recording Joaquin's misdemeanours and that the whole thing will soon be unveiled as one long running hoax. Nope. No idea what the point is either. Pretty amusing though. Judge for yourself.

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