Joan Rivers swears like a fishwife on Loose Women

So Joan Rivers is 'thrilled' to have been ejected from a TV show for the first time in 40 years. How now? By horrifying producers on Loose Woman recently by letting her potty mouth run away with her. Brilliant!

Commenting on her red carpet experiences, Rivers described notorious Grumpy Pants, Russell Crowe, as a piece of 'get ready to bleep this, fuc*kin shit'! Oops Joan, the show's live!

The Loose Women presenters did a good job of looking 'horrified' at the rudey woodey American lady who swore in the middle of the day, but really they were pis**ing themselves. Joan was forcibly removed from the second half of the show and chuckled all the way out of the door. "I said: 'I apologise.' Everyone apologised. It was hilariously funny." Nice one Rivers

Check it out. Joan River swears on Loose Women.

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