Jo Wood sells up

Ronnie Wood’s ex is selling the seven bedroom mansion she had shared with the Rolling Stones star. Jo Wood split from the rocker in 2008 after he very publicly ran off with young Russian lover Ekaterina Ivanova. They were divorced in 2009, with a settlement that included the three-story mansion going to Jo.

Despite her earlier plans to turn the house into a location for weddings and other events, it was announced this week that the property would go on the market for a whopping £13million. The couple had lived in the rock palace for over ten years, and we would imagine the place has seen its fair share of parties in that time, so maybe Jo just doesn’t want all those memories around her.

Photos of the gaff on the Daily Mail's site reveal true rock star opulence including a pool house, sauna, gold bath and a giant painting of Myra Hindley (but then, who doesn’t have that?). The house is reportedly already under offer so if you’re wanting to live the rock life you’d better hop-skip to the mortgage-lender sharpish.

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