Jo Grant loves new Doctor Who

The bizarrely incestuous cross-generational world of Doctor Who is baffling to anybody who isn’t obsessed by the science-fiction show. Millions of fans around the world do have that degree of absorption though, and will be fascinated by the recent comments made by one of the Doctor’s 1970s companions about the current version.

Katy Manning, who starred as one of the most popular companions Jo Grant, opposite Jon Pertwee’s Doctor in the 70s, is a big fan of the current and 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, as she told Radio Times.

"It's an education to watch his beautifully realised physicality as the Doctor." Steady on, Katy. "I said to him, 'Jon Pertwee would be very proud of what you’re doing with this character.'"

Manning was a somewhat controversial companion at the time, creating a furore among the more conservative Whovians, as fans like to style themselves, by posing naked with a Dalek (although not, regrettably, for Radio Times). Despite, or more likely because of that photo-shoot, she soon became a firm favourite at conventions, where she would appear with fellow companion, the late Elisabeth Sladen.

"We had a lot of past with Jon that bonded us," Manning said. "When I was a newbie at conventions, she really helped me through. After she died, I said in an interview she was the quintessential Doctor Who girl. And I really meant it."

The latest Doctor Who series, the seventh since the rebooting of the show, is currently shooting and will be screened in the autumn.

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