JLS are mummies boyz

Bless their little cotton socks, and low cut vests - JLS have vowed not to turn their backs on us and move to the US, even though they're reality TV mega stars.

Aston admitted, 'We’re staying put. We couldn’t move, cos we’d miss our mums. We’re all looking for our own homes at the moment. We’re all doing very well. We’ve been good boys, saving our earnings so we can get our own places.'

Marvin also spilled the beans on his new date, Rochelle, 'Me and Rochelle have only been together a few months,' he said, 'but it’s all going really, really well. She’s an incredible girl. I’m looking at somewhere nice and lovely. We’re very, very happy.'

Well, that's lovely and we're very happy for you, but don't you know that celebs are supposed to be slightly mental, and constantly on the verge of breakdowns - all for our entertainment? Someone needs to have a word. It's just not right.

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