J-Lo's chest gets Twitter page

First there was Sacha Baron Cohen pouring pancake mixture all over Ryan Seacrest. Then there was Angelina's leg, which refused to stay in her dress. But they weren't the only talking points of this year's Oscars: J-Lo's boob is getting airtime too.

If you didn't catch the ceremony, J-Lo had her very own Judy Finnigan moment, albeit on a much more discreet scale. On stage to present an award and wearing the flimsiest of dresses, one of Jennifer's nipples 'marginally' popped out. If you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't have seen it...

...though it appears many people were looking. The offending nipple has now become so famous that it has been given its own twitter page with the first post on @JLosNipple reading, 'DID YOU SEE ME?' According to the stats, the page has 4,000 people and counting.

Angelina's uncontrollable right leg has also been blessed with its own Twitter account, @Angiesrightleg.

Time, people, too much of?

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