JK Rowling wittingly silences Twitter Troll

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Author of the fantasy series Harry Potter, JK Rowling is a woman that knows how to powerfully use her words. Rowling has around 5.5 million Twitter followers and has recently been using her Twitter feed as a place to talk about the Syrian refugee crisis.

She has been making a plea for compassion and last week was one of the influential voices that urged the UK government to receive their share of fleeing refugees. On Thursday her entire Twitter page was focused on the crisis after the shocking picture of the dead Syrian boy on the Turkish beach was made public.

She tweeted, “If you can’t imagine yourself in one of these boats, you have something missing. They are dying for a life worth living. #refugeeswelcome”. The hashtag was trending Thursday and was part of the Independents petition for Britain to take in more refugees.

Unfortunately there are Twitter trolls out there that are looking for ways to online abuse and JK Rowling is far from exempt. One follower responded to her tweet by saying, “Said the millionaire on her gold iPhone in her mansion” to which Rowling quickly and wittingly responded, “I’d type a longer retort, but these diamond buttons really hurt my fingers.” The follower has yet to respond.

Twitter trolls should know by now that JK Rowling is not one to mess with. While they may make snarky comments, she will find ways to quickly and wittingly silence them.

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