Jimmy Savile story hits the stage

The life of Sir Jimmy Savile is to be made into a stage comedy. The show will trace Savile’s rise from humble origins to become a famous DJ and TV personality.

The show, to be called How’s About That Then? The Jimmy Savile Story, was previewed in London before opening at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It will follow every aspect of Savile’s career, and cram in all his famous catchphrases.

"It is an homage to Jimmy Savile," producer Denise Silvey told The Sun. "It starts with him coming down from Heaven to say: 'You want to know the story?’ I think it is fun because he’s quite an unusual sort of character."

Savile was a TV household name when he presented Top Of The Pops, a Radio 1 show and the Saturday evening kids’ show Jim’ll Fix It. In the show Garry Roost plays Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84. "We have got the cigar, we have got the bling," Silvey said. "We've got the tracksuits and we have got a Jim’ll Fix It chair that we have had made."

In old age, Savile reclaimed public attention with a notoriously candid documentary interview he conducted with Louis Theroux. "I think he is loved, but there is also mystery around him," Silvey said. "He has always been part of all of our lives for so long. He’s been living in the corner of my house all my life on the television."

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