Jimmy Fallon stars in Saved By The Bell 2015 reunion at Bayside High

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Jimmy Fallon has done the unthinkable and gotten his wish as he engaged in a hilarious sketch with the cast of the Saved By The Bell on The Tonight Show. The reunion was about 5/7ths of the way completer with Zack Morris, AC Slater, Jessie Spano and Kelly Kapowski and the great Mr. Belding all reprising their iconic roles.

The sketch lasts for a full 8 minutes and sees Jimmy starring as the gangs new friend. There were no Lisa Turtle however and a Screech appearance would never have been a runner due to Dustin Diamond's life meltdown since the show ended back in 1994. There was even time for Mr. Belding to leave the gang with a witty comment, make his way to the office and make one of his funny announcements over the intercom.

Fallon sets it all up brilliantly by recalling how he used to go to school in LA before we entered flashback territory. There he stood, large as life, leaning against a locker in Bayside High only to be joined by Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie, all against the backdrop of the classic theme tune and the audience going wild on every line delivered by the cast.

VIDEO Jimmy Fallon stars in Saved By The Bell 2015 reunion at Bayside High

All the old and classic gags were in there from Slater belting out impromptu ballet and Jessie hysterically singing I'm So Excited as if she is still getting a boost from those pills she popped way back when. The best jokes however was one with a hilarious twist on the customary Kelly visiting the nurse and throwing up scenario fans were well used to. When she returned from the nurse's office, she promptly announced to Zack that she was pregnant to which he reacted by taking a much needed Time-Out.

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