Jimberly : late night Essex lawn romp

Turns out Jude and Kimberley may have come up for air only a handful of times on Saturday night.

The pair sparked a frenzy of net curtain twitching in Essex in the early hours of Saturday morning as they stopped off on their way home from z list club 195, to romp on a garden lawn.

Jude was said to have flung Kimby on a nearby flower bed and rolled about with her until a disgruntled neighbour spotted the two and shoo shooed them away. Said neighbour then buzzed The Sun to tell all and was rewarded with a fiver to spend on some new grass seed.

Sources also now claim Jude and Kim, (henceforth known as Jimberly,) didn't end up pulling each other in 195 when the only other celebs on offer were Michael Greco and Jodie Marsh - but that they were already an item before.

Jimberly were spotted sharing a civilised jar with Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster earlier on Saturday evening - pointing to the fact that Jude had probably laid his slippers under the Stewart table long before going public in 195. Jude Law - snake with hips?

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