Jienna back on?

Are Jude and Sienna back together? Let's consider the evidence (yes, there's evidence; this thing is huuuge people.)

1. They snogged..
2. They are both appearing on Broadway (that spells jiggerypokery.)
3. They were caught leaving Jude's apartment this morning, 5 minutes apart. Jude beamed a smug smile to 'distract' the paps while Sienna darted away. She was papped running off.
4. An unnamed source spoke to a national tabloid about them (crucial): 'Jude and Sienna have quite a history and it's not always been easy for them to remain pally. But when they both secured roles on Broadway, Jude suggested they met up and talk things over. Sienna agreed and the pair met for dinner. After some pretty intense navel gazing, they relaxed and really had a laugh.'

The verdict? Guilty of Celebrity Reunion for the Purpose of Furthering Fame in the first degree.

Hang on, key witness Savannah Miller objects!:

'I think that would be a completely ridiculous assumption considering the way that man has conducted himself recently. That's all I'm saying.' A spokesperson for Jienna also said they are 'just good friends.'

So yes. They're bonking *yawns*

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