Jet wagged

As England fans continue to reel in shock at our team's dismal performance in the World Cup, our footballing stars have the temerity to (gasp) go on their holidays - rather than staying in the UK to soak up the wrath of the nation. Frank Lampard has been pictured kissing (how dare he?) his girlfriend Christine Bleakley, in Sardinia, while Wayne and Coleen have escaped to the other end of the world.

The tabloids, clearly trying to whip up some more anger against our hapless footie team, got busy with the alliterations, 'Scoreless striker Wayne Rooney headed to Barbados. Calamity keeper Rob Green was preparing for a bit of rest and relaxation in Los Angeles. And Alex Curran, the other half of catastrophic captain Steven Gerrard, had her hair done ahead of her summer getaway with the Liverpool player.'

She had her hair done? After we failed to reach the Quarter Finals? For shame...

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