Jesus loves Madonna says ex girlfriend

Last week, Jesus De Luz's ex girlfriend reportedly described Madonna as a ridiculous old bag, but this week she's done a pretty sharp about turn.

Talking to the Mirror, 18 year old Catharina has stated that what she actually meant to say when first asked to comment on Madge was; “Madonna has an amazing body, is a sexy, kind person and a great mother." Jesus told Caterina; "The (28 year) difference in our ages means nothing. She looks like a 30-year-old and has a youthful personality to go with it. I love her and nothing else matters.”

Bit of a turnaround from the silly old bag jibe. However it's not long before Catherina gets another jab in. “Jesus is beautiful and so is Madonna – they make a lovely couple. They have a lot in common. They are both very into the way they look. Jesus can be very vain – he once told me, ‘If you don’t go to the gym, you will get fat and then I’ll dump you’. And if Madonna looked like a normal 50-year-old, he wouldn’t look twice at her.”

Marriage built on sand? Marriage built on a big pile of steaming nothing more like.

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