Jessica Weep-son

It was the classic backhanded compliment: baptist bombshell Jessica Simpson is 'sexual napalm' in bed. Alright, it was an overhead smash and according to Simpson not one she wants to brag about on national TV. That said, she doesn't mind going on Oprah (the highest rated TV show in the stratosphere) to talk through the horror and possibly even squeeze in an unscheduled weep. Cathartic, no?

La Simpson's interview with Oprah won't air until tomorrow, so a full run down of what she thinks of John The Plonker's comments (whose Playboy interview is now the stuff of gaffe legend) will have to wait. What we do know is that producers have made it look like she's distraught by editing clips of her crying, 'I don't want people to know how I am in bed'. (Jess - we'd take sexual napalm over squeaky clean Newlywed any day.)

Anyway, Jessica crying on Oprah because of John Mayer only makes us think one thing: she's got a new show coming out.

Pride Of Beauty hits VHI on the 15th March....

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