Jeremy Clarkson's New Motoring Show could be called Gear Knobs

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While Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon Prime shows name has not yet been officially revealed, Buzzfeed reports Clarkson’s legal firm Olswang has registered the trademarks Gear Knobs, Gear Nobs, and Speedbird. It was filed through the shell company Newincco 1361 Limited which is controlled by two companies that are related to Olswang. It has been trademarked for driving-related merchandise, publishing and broadcast.

While this tongue in cheek reference to his previous show and self deprecating title is amusing, there is no guarantee that this is will officially be the shows name. There is a good chance though seeing that it was trademarked two weeks before the £160 million Amazon deal was announced.

The massive deal will include 36 episodes over 3 season which Clarkson and his two colleagues James May and Richard Hammond seem to be very excited about. Clarkson states that, “I feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.”

Speedbird was also trademarked with talks that this name might become a regular feature on the show, similar to that of anonymous racecar driver Stig from BBC’s Top Gear. We will have to wait until the Fall to see if anything comes of it.

Earlier this year Clarkson was sacked from the BBC show Top Gear and replaced by presenter Chris Evans after allegedly punching his producer. Hammond and May quickly followed Clarkson’s departure.

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