Jeremy Clarkson's controversy hitlist: Top 5 shocking moments

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Jeremy Clarkson is back in hot water once again this week after a video emerged where he appeared to mutter the offensive n-word while reciting the nursery rhyme Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. The BBC are now, not for the first time, under pressure to remove Clarkson from his position.

Initially, he denied ever having used the word but soon was reprimanded by the BBC. He has since tried to deescalate the situation saying "I was mortified by this, horrified. It is a word I loathe. Please be assured I did everything in my power to not use that word.".

Let's remind ourselves of some of his most shocking moments down through the years.

1. Race row in Burma

Another race row exploded after a Top Gear episode shot in Burma. Clarkson was looking out at a rope bridge with a local walking across and blurted out "There is a slope on it". Slope is an extremely derogative term for Asians.

2. Civil Servants Strike

Responding to a question on The One Show about the UK's public sector strike in 2011 Clarkson said "I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families.". Needless to say, the public were up in arms and 21,335 complaints were lodged with the BBC within 36 hours as Clarkson had to issue another apology.

3. Dig at Gordon Brown

Clarkson had a go at then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 branding him a "one-eyed Scottish idiot". In his subsequent apology Clarkson maintained Brown was an idiot but apologised profusely for making little of his monocular blindness.

4. Discussion in Malaysian Parliament

Clarkson was the subject of a heated debate in the Malaysian parliament after calling the Perodua Kelisa "The worst car ever made" and insisting that it must have been made "by jungle people who wear leaves as shoes".

5. Piers Morgan Row

Earlier this year, Clarkson's long running feud with TV presenter Piers Morgan reached new heights when he took the opportunity to stick the boot in on Twitter after Morgan lost his role at CNN. Clarkson famously punched Morgan at the British Press Awards in 2004.

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