Jeremy Clarkson to host Have I Got News For You during BBC suspension

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Although currently serving a suspension from the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson has been pencilled in to host an episode of Have I Got News For You. Clarkson will take the reigns of the popular show in April casting doubts over how long he will remain suspended.

Clarkson was suspended by the BBC and the remaining episodes of Top Gear were pulled from the schedule after he allegedly punched a producer on the show. It has been suggested that he and Oisin Tymon got into a scuffle over the lack of hot food available after a long day of filming had wrapped.

The BBC have launched an investigation into the events and are expected to make a decision on Clarkson's future in due course which will have implications for the Have I Got News For You appearance. Jimmy Mulville, from Hat Trick who make the topical show said "We always have a field day with Jeremy. Maybe we will get the producer on so he can hit Jeremy Clarkson live on television."

On a more lighthearted note,Have I Got News For You regular Ian Hislop has asked for Clarkson to be investigated for "assaulting" him with a biro. The pair appeared on the show together in 2008 and Clarkson launched a biro at Hislop while acting as guest host and it left a mark on Hislop's face.

Clarkson will learn his fate from a disciplinary panel put in place by the BBC to investigate the fracas on Top Gear. Clarkson has had a career full of courting controversy with many instances of alleged racism including one last year which earned him a final warning from the broadcaster.

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