Jeremy Clarkson takes to Twitter to gloat over Piers Morgan being axed

Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan still can’t give up their long running feud, as the Top Gear host took to Twitter again, to diss the now axed CNN talk show host.

The two have been at each other’s throats for more than a decade and the feud more or less started when Morgan was the editor of the Daily Mirror and published photos showing Clarkson embracing TV producer Elaine Bedell.

Their bickering and brawling reached new levels in 2003 during the last Concorde flight from New York to London, when Clarkson threw a glass of water over Morgan after exchanging heavy insults during the flight.

The two also also brawled during the 2004 British Press Awards.

Clarkson launched a verbal attack on Morgan and then in a celebrity bitch fight punched him in the face, reportedly leaving Piers with a scar above his left eye.

The pair have continued trading childish insults over the years, with Morgan confirming to Radio 4’s Today show last November that: ‘With the likes of Jeremy Clarkson it is pure war and there is not a single friendly bone in either of our bodies towards one another.’

Clarkson is now reveling in the fact that Morgan’s prime time US TV talk show ‘Piers Morgan Live’ is being cancelled by CNN, after just three years.

Clarkson obviously couldn't resist the chance to take a dig at his old nemesis, when he tweeted: "I understand Nigerian TV is looking for a new chat show host. Anyone got any suggestions?"

He also added, "I'm feeling strangely contented. I wonder if something wonderful has happened."

Morgan responded to the dig with his own tweet: "Humbling to bring such happiness to so many people today."

Morgan told The New York Times in an interview on Sunday that his show was being axed because it had "taken a bath in the ratings," and that audiences were tired of hearing the British presenter weigh on sticky American issues like gun control.

Morgan, however confirmed that he and CNN President Jeff Zucker were discussing a new role for him at the channel.

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