Jeremy Clarkson sacked by the BBC over "unprovoked attack"

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Jeremy Clarkson has finally run out of lives at the BBC after director general Tony Hall decided to sack him. The network will not renew his contract following the results of an inquiry which deemed "On 4 March 2015 Oisin Tymon was subject to an unprovoked physical and verbal attack by Jeremy Clarkson".

Clarkson was suspended by the BBC earlier this month after what they described at the time as a "fracas" between him and Tymon. An inquiry into the incident was launched and the findings showed that Tymon had to attend hospital after suffering an "unprovoked" attack where he "was struck, resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip."

In the statement announcing Clarkson's sacking, Hall said "I cannot condone what has happened on this occasion. A member of staff, who is a completely innocent party, took himself to Accident and Emergency after a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature. For me a line has been crossed. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations."

According to the official report, Ken MacQuarrie noted that the physical altercation lasted for about "30 seconds" but that it was followed with "verbal abuse sustained over a longer period". That verbal onslaught from Clarkson was laced with a host of "expletives and threats to sack" Tymon in what seems to have been a display of power from Clarkson.

Reaction to the news has been divided across the nation with Prime Minister David Cameron commenting that "Aggressive and abusive behaviour is not acceptable in the workplace". Clarkson's on screen partners in crime both expressed their disappointment with James May saying "I don't really have anything to say about it. It's a tragedy." and Richard Hammond tweeting "Gutted at such a sad end to an era."

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