Jerard are at it again

Everyone loves a good snog. But if you're a Hollywood star and you're at an extremely lowkey event like the Golden Globes, you might want to watch out for the paps. With that in mind sources say that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler sneaked off for a round of discreet tonsil-hockey in the kitchen after the bash. Of course they were seen and of course the media are now in a tailspin about poor old Jennifer Aniston finally having found her 'perfect man.'

Not that she needs to. We're not sure how the label started but Jennifer Aniston is not unlucky in love. She's been out with some of Hollywood's hottest menfolk: Brad, Vince Vaugh (ok, strike him from the list), John Mayer, hot Brit man-model Paul Sculfor, and now Gerard Butler.

If only Angelina was as unlucky in the man department as Mz Aniston; she's stuck with weirdy beardy Brad.

Jen - you go girl...

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