Jennifer Lopez sells baby pics

When most people have babies, they might receive the odd present here and there. A nice babygrow, a few toys, maybe even offers to look after the baby, so mum and dad can get a well deserved rest from the tiring task of bringing up a screaming poo-machine. But, as usual, in Hollywood things are a little different. The stars don’t need clothes and toys they get them for free! And they certainly don’t need a helping hand with their barrage of nannies and bodyguards to help change nappies…

So what do they get? MAGAZINE DEEEEAAALS! With a number of celebrities recently giving birth, the big buck offers for the spreads of mother and child have been flying around. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden reportedly got $1million, and Christina Aguilera and hubby got $2million. And when Angelina gave birth to daughter, Shiloh, they got a massive $4million! But let’s not forget that these were just the run of the mill single babies…imagine if you had twins like Jennifer Lopez!

J Lo is said to be getting a huuuaaaage $6million for her magazine spread. Well, there are two babies, and we didn’t think Jenn was a 2-4-1 kinda gal. That is a very, very nice start to a trust fund…

(Image: from YouTube)

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