Jennifer Lopez names the twins

Useless celeb info of the day alert! Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have named their twins. Only took a week. And the names aren't even half as stupid as we were expecting. In fact they're quite dull really. Emme for the lass and Max for the lad.

No suggestions yet as to how Emme will be pronounced. Emme as in Emmy award.  Or Emm-eh, as in Emma (if you hail from the North), ex, 'come ere our Emm-eh, teas on't table!" That'd be fun.

So, natural birth and no namby pamby names. Maybe Jennifer is just a simple lass from the block after all...

....Or maybe she's a silly scientologist. In fact Jennifer and hubby Marc are the latest in a long line of minted celebs to 'buy into' the Ron Hubbard school of birthing. Thats no painkillers and hushed silence throughout the torturous ordeal. Apparently the babies prefer it. Cos everyone remembers being born.

One word for you lot. Crackers.

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