Jennifer Lopez gives birth

Fiiinally. J-Lo's popped them out. Jennifer Lopez gave birth to a boy and a girl at a hospital in Long Island early this morning. Which means 38 year old Jennifer and 39 year old salsa singer Marco Anthony suddenly have 5 children between them! (Marc has a daughter and 2 sons from his previous marriage).

No guessing how soon People magazine will be in the maternity suite hankering after their pricey pics. Having paid a reported 6 million dollars for the snaps they'll probably be hovering round the delivery room before Jen's even out of her labour gown!

Obviously the next port of call is the bookies. We're having a monkey on how long it'll take for Jen to shift the baby flab. Massive bump - but nothing a personal trainer and a week on a health farm can't fix. We say 5 days. Then we can all go back to talking about The Bum.

More news re the costliest new borns in all of La La Land to follow.

In the meantime if you've forgotten just how unbelievaby large Jen's baby bump was. Here are some photos to remind you. Pregnant Jen Photos

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