Jennifer Aniston throws Kimberley Stewart out of Mayer gig

So we've had Pammy Anderson calling Jessica Simpson nasty horrible names. And now we have another celebrity girl feud - this time between Jennifer Aniston and Kimberly Stewart.

Aniston ordered the flighty Kimberly to be forcibly removed from boyfriend John Mayer's Hard Rock Calling gig in Hyde Park on Sunday, after catching them chatting backstage. Jen asked John what a no lister like Kim was doing there anyway, and when John feebly tried to explain that he knew her from the LA party scene, Jen turned the death stare on him until he had her kicked out. Round one Jen.

But like a kipper behind a radiator the bad smell just wouldn't go away. Ten minutes later, Kim was back, this time on the other side of the stage from Aniston, with Mayer sandwiched in between. Kimberley took photos of John, smiled smugly at Aniston (perhaps implying Mayer had been a notch on her bed post?) and, when she was frogmarched out a second time, screeched 'why are you making me leave, is it because of her?!'

Aniston did well to have her thrown out. She's already lost one husband to Ange the Horny Humanitarian. Losing another to Kimberley Stewart would be, well, a lot worse. Particularly when Catty Kimby went on record last year to say, "I like her (Jennifer Aniston) cause she’s, you know, homely. She obviously has to have something else. It’s not like she’s gorgeous or anything.” Ouch.

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